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Families are spending time together like never before. We offer this sampling of songs, craft activities, book recommendations, and lesson plans with hope that they inspire, educate, and bring some cheer. You can find many more resources like this, or upload your own creations on our website,

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A note about Middle Way Education and the Middle Way School

Middle Way Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization inspired by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche with the mission to create pathways for traditional Buddhist wisdom and knowledge to enhance modern education for the benefit of this and future generations. MWE supports the curriculum development at the Middle Way School in Upstate New York, and the school in turn provides educational materials to MWE as a contributor and partner. However, The Middle Way School is an independent education corporation, separate from MWE.

Resources and Activities

9 Books About the Life of the Buddha
In this article, the Middle Way School reviews nine English-language books about the life of the Buddha and offers their recommendations.

Morning Movement: The Four Harmonious Friends
A fun way to get children moving their bodies in the morning, based on the classic Buddhist story of the Four Harmonious Friends.

5 Tips for Mindful Parenting
Sumi Loundon Kim, author, Buddhist chaplain at Yale University, and founder of the Mindful Families of Durham, shares advice for bringing more mindfulness, awareness, and compassion into parenting.

Sky Inside Song
There’s no better way to engage children (or adults, for that matter) than through music. Sing along to this catchy tune about our basic goodness.

How Is Everything Connected?
Based on the book Everything Is Connected by Jason Gruhl, these printable worksheets from Bala Kids offer children a fun way to contemplate the interconnection of all things. See also free printable coloring pages from the book.

Making Dragon Twirlers
A kinetic craft project with wow factor. Using the dragon imagery, we can learn about the power of symbolism and how other cultures use the symbol of dragons.

Resilience from a Dharma Lens
In this talk to the Middle Way School community, Lama Karma discusses some of the qualities of a resilient community rooted in shared values.

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